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a magical person doing magical things a genuine genius a creative entrepreneur type a mystic on a mission glorious and grateful an adventurous treasure hunter a reality shifter a misfit rebel with a cause indefinable and so much more
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the clarify method

The Clarify Method is how we bring your mission to the next level. It becomes our mission. For those we get to partner with, we are fiercely loyal and dedicated to infusing the magic and order needed to play our part in your story. We use the power of visioning as a team, which enables the joint energy to bring forth the next level.

How it works

Your hero’s journey is not like anyone else’s, and we honor that. When we apply the following Clarify Method framework with the elements of your mission, just like a formula, it calculates the answers for the way forward:

past + present + future

take the next step

Does it ever feel like you’re in a movie or playing a game? Just like in works of fictions, choices must be made, even the choice to do nothing. Your intuition is your guide. If your intuition feels something nudging you, a resonance with this message, we would be honored to join your story for however long our part is required and activate the codes within you that you seek. 

choose your own adventure

You are a deliberate creator & entrepreneur with a purpose you are aching for (and possibly being tortured by). You have found your way here to this tropical stopover, through no coincidence (there aren’t any). You are at this crossroads, equipped with your passion, vision, mission, and purpose, in divine timing, being offered a choice. A choice to form an alchemical combination with an oracle team that will catalyze you to your mission’s next destination, and next highest version of yourself.

Will you choose it?

keeping you in your flow

If you are here, you know the importance of aligning with your flow to stay on mission. This game of life is meant to challenge you at every turn. That’s why we are here to:

Who I am

Aloha, I am Clare. Yes, I like tropical vibes even though I live in the Pacific Northwest 🙂

I have accepted my calling as a magical oracle being, the kind you meet on your journey that give you just what you needed. My mission and magic is to support and activate you and your mission. This gives me opportunity to be a part of many exciting adventurous stories! A bit more about me:

Founder, calm, positive, grounded, fanciful, oracle, experienced, creative, intuitive, mom, spiritual. Clare does:

  • planning/strategy
  • web alchemy
  • marketing
  • design
  • seo
  • ads

What Our Clients Say...

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Jump in, the water's warm

The juiciest reality and life you can imagine is taking shape and crystalizing, as your dedicated team takes great care of you and joins your mission, handling the details so you can be in your zone of genius. You start experiencing a life of faith knowing that you are guided, and we are here to be a part of that guidance, for however long the plan entails. Everything you need shows up perfectly, including money, but that’s not the thing you want. It’s the life experiences and the feelings. That upleveled vision. We are here for that, for as long as is written into this divine plan.