Arlena Sefiani of Greenway Financial Recovery came to us for website development, but realized she would benefit from additional outreach for marketing her short sale negotiation business.

Greenway’s Instagram

Based in sunny Florida, but serving real estate agents nationwide, Arlena and her team are considered the “short sale secret weapon.” 

In learning about her company and this industry, we realized that Arlena stands apart as a leader in this industry, and offers many advantages to working with her company. It’s basically a win/win/win utilizing her services for short sale transactions, because there is no out of pocket or commission required, and she has access to financial institutions most negotiators or realtors do not. 

The key for marketing Greenway effectively came down to education and awareness. That meant the following services were carried out:

  • updating the logo
  • designing, posting, and advising on social media
  • advising on photography
  • ongoing marketing support and tracking
  • Google Ads creation and management
  • new website
  • new emails set up
  • blogging
  • sales outreach via LinkedIn, email, and Zillow 
  • website hosting


Greenway Financial Website

During our work with Greenway, we tracked all our progress in our “Master Sheet” which allowed us to assign action steps, add new items, check things off, and guide our whole process. 

When we begin to work with a client, we find out what they have done and what opportunities there are that they may not have thought of. Having been in marketing for over 16 years, we are familiar with many industries, and the tools needed to accomplish their goals.

Currently, social media is a big part of our outreach. For Greenway, we set up and designed their Instagram and Facebook, and coached Arlena on how to follow/gain followers. When speaking on social media, we are careful to use the right:

  • voice/tone
  • colors
  • brand keywords
  • mood
  • photography and video 

Arlena and her team went from having no social media, an outdated website, and only working through referrals, to a fresh new website and voice, new strategies for reaching new clients, and a team (Melissa and Clare) to carry out those ideas.

One of the tools that has been very successful in marketing Greenway is Google Ads.

Screenshot of Greenway’s ad and device performance

Not every company is a good fit for Google Ads, and we can help determine that, but for Greenway, their services and keywords resulted in making new connections and relationships that have opened up vast new markets for them. Our job was to research the keywords that are being used in Google to find what she offers, determine ad copy and budget, and manage it. Arlena has received calls nationwide allowing her to find key referrals sources and partners.

If you want help finding out if your company would benefit from Google Ads, or any of the services we’ve provided here, feel free to schedule a 30-minute consultation here and we can talk about your unique needs.

Check out Greenway’s social media and give them a follow here.

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