Summa Global is an investment and financial planning firm located in Portland, Oregon. 

Rachel Wakefield, CFA and managing partner of Summa Global, came to me about rebranding their company. The company was founded in 2008 as a home office with a dozen clients, providing investment management. At the time they came to Clarify, they had over 120 clients and a professional office space. The founder was retiring, so they felt it was a good time to update the logo and colors and bring in new energy. 

The original brand was quite stately, formal, almost Romanesque, and included gold and purple. It also had a seal with SGA in it, along with the name spelled out.


before the rebrand

In addition, they were going by “Summa Global Advisors” or SGA at the time. 

I took them through a branding exercise to deep dive into who they are and who they serve. Also the what, why, where, when, and how. It’s important to find out what it is about their work they derive passion from…what lights them up. Rachel said it was:

“Seeing clients achieving their life goals. Being able to have options.”

She also said she preferred calming and optimistic color themes, so no purple, pink, brown, or yellow. 

Their 5 year goal was to increase their client assets by 50%.

In learning more about the feeling they wanted to convey, it became clear they wanted something young, fresh, energetic and unique, but still to be taken seriously. Nothing too crazy.

Rachel said she wanted their company voice to be calming, reassuring, trusting, objective, positive, affirmative.

After going through some rounds of designs, it became clear that the added “Advisors, LLC” was really not pertinent to the brand and their website address was simply, so we decided to omit it, though it would still be their officially registered name. This freed up a lot of space. 


first round of designs for summa global

Sometimes in branding, the logo design comes easily, but sometimes it takes a few rounds. With Clarify, we include as many revisions as it takes to get to that YES feeling.

almost there…


We settled on the following ocean blue and gray design with variations and icons:

final summa global logo and variations

Next, we went to work designing business card designs. I provided two designs for them to choose from, and they chose the following:

Additionally, to set these cards apart as a statement piece, we opted to use silver foil in the printing process for the light gray areas.

They have since needed a tagline update to their logo from “planning your path to prosperity” to “wealth redefined.” They also added some designations to their titles so we added those.  

We have been around since 2006 and love to be known as a reliable, responsive team that is there for you even as you change and make updates. Change is the only constant, however in the design world, we see ourselves as a mainstay for all our past clients anytime they need updates to work we have done together.

summa global

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