The Marketing Director for Vista Capital Partners, a financial planning company, came to us for some simple graphic design services, but what she got was a lot more! 

custom photography

Referred by another client, this client came to us wanting help to supply graphics for their marketing automation software. In talking further, we discovered that their were other gaps in her day-to-day tasks that we could fill in, including:

  • refreshing the brand
  • taking on social media posting and design
  • custom lifestyle photography
  • ongoing marketing support and tracking
  • seo
  • website updated

All of this was possible because the company had recently gone through a discovery on who their ideal client is, and that needed to align with the overall look and feel of the company’s brand.

We started with our Marketing Kit, which included foundational elements of the fresh new brand such as:

  • voice/tone
  • colors
  • brand keywords
  • mood board
  • photography and video recommendations
  • social media design
  • tagline development
  • messaging
  • website recommendations
  • a few marketing ideas

Once we had these items defined, we were ready to implement. Check out our social media design:

Since it had been some years and there were new employees, we provided a “lifestyle” photography shoot of all the employees. A lifestyle profile photo goes beyond the standard headshot, and injects the personality of each employee into the photo.

We learned that when people make decisions on who to choose for their financial planning, 50% of the decision is based on the impression of the company and the other half is based on the financial advisor. With that in mind, we wanted to show more of the personality than a standard headshot conveys. This meant dressing in clothes the employees felt defined them, maybe bringing their pet, or their favorite book. The goal here was to give each employee a chance to shine on the website, so that when their clients visited their page, they got a good sense of who they are and felt confident in their choice.

This all lead to the website update. The last update on their website was pre-Covid and pre-defining of their ideal client persona.

Vista’s new website is currently in development. It will be quite a departure from what it currently is, given the transitions the world and the company has gone through.

We can’t wait to reveal it when it is ready to launch! In the meantime, we work with Vista each month, meeting weekly, to track and complete tasks such as designing invitations, social media posts, t-shirt and canopy design, ad design, and much more.

Check out Vista’s social media and give them a follow here.

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