When the team from Vitellaria Holistic Wellness Collective came to us as a group of mental healthcare providers, they wanted to offer something completely unique to their patients.

renamed, branded logo

They wanted to take a completely new approach that would uniquely serve each one of their patients with a custom treatment plan designed just for them.

Within that plan, they would offer a variety of modalities that cover a spectrum of wellness options. Everything from traditional psychiatric counseling, to sound healing.

Another unique aspect of this collective is their knowledge of EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing) and offering these sessions as a package, or even at “intensives” – weekend or day long retreats that allow a patient to be treated more quickly and effectively.

Finally, their services will include the administration and micro-dosage of psilocybin, commonly known as “magic mushrooms,” which has been shown to dramatically improve mental health.

vitellaria website

Heidi, Christina, and Sarah are already highly skilled and trained specialists at their craft, but they needed a creative team to translate all this to the world through branding, marketing strategy, social media, and website design.

The first thing we worked on was coming up with a new name, as the business name they came to us with we discovered was already taken.

Vitellaria is the plant species name for the shea nut tree. They wanted to use the shea nut for it’s symbolism as healing and feminine. We tried other options but landed on Vitellaria because it too is unique and feminine sounding, and conjures the word “vital” within it.

Once we finalized the name, we went to work creating a customized marketing kit using the Clarify Method. This is a document that acts as a launch pad, or foundation for marketing the business moving forward. It guides all our future decisions. It contains:

  • their ideal client avatar in specific detail
  • the voice and tone to use in all marketing
  • fonts
  • colors
  • brand keywords
  • a “light board”
  • photography and video recommendations
  • social media design, layout, and examples
  • mission
  • vision
  • messaging
  • tagline
colors, fonts, brand keywords, and light board

Each of these pieces was lovingly and painstakingly thought out by Clarify, inspired by the founders own vision, dreams, and goals for their ideal business and life!

Next, we set to work on developing Facebook and Instagram ads and a landing page for their EMDR Intensive retreat. We created a system for people interested in the retreat to link to a landing page that detailed the retreat, and let them schedule a video call with the practitioners to get them signed up.

During this process we started developing their full website. See it here.


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